Detailed assessments providing expert opinions.
Detailed assessments providing expert opinions regarding a person’s potential to work from a holistic point of view, as well as their ability to manage their usual household activities after an injury.

Occupational therapists with combined clinical experience exceeding 20 years, utilising physical, cognitive and psychological approaches, standardised tests and questionnaires to deliver independent specialist services and opinions.

Our evaluations ensure client-specific results, ascertaining the impact of an injury on an individual client, which mirrors in in given recommendations.

“Professional expertise is not just about having the evidence or being aware of it. It’s also about knowing how to judge the evidence, and knowing what to do with it.”


Expert opinions


We provide expert opinions for plaintiffs and defendants. Our areas of speciality include, but is not limited to:

  • Road accident fund claims

We assist with claims against injuries sustained from accidents involving motor vehicles within the South African borders.

  • Personal injury claims

We assist with claims against injuries from various incidents, including slip and fall claims.

  • Medical negligence claims

We assist with claims against injuries sustained as a result of negligence by medical practitioners.


We provide detailed recommendations relating to medical intervention, assistive devices as well as assistance required to ensure optimal functioning.

Loss of life amenities

We comment on the impact of injuries, including the effect of pain and impairments on an individual’s ability to partake in enjoyable activities and activities of independent living.

Loss of earning potential

We provide expert feedback regarding an individual’s residual physical capacity, along with the impact on their employment.