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We cover a wide range of Occupational Therapy fields.
Work Ability
For most people, work is a major aspect of life.  When any type of disability affects a person, work disability may occur and contribute to negative consequences not just on the individual but for the society as well.
Pre-Work Screens
Prework Screens (PWS) are functional tests used to determine if an individual’s physical abilities match the physical requirements of a specific job. The tests are based on the results of a Functional Job Analysis to ensure job relatedness.
In our clinical division we strive for excellence in giving our patients personalized care focusing on their specific injury and needs. We are dedicated in going the extra mile for each patient to ensure maximal functional recovery after an injury.
Ergonomics & Accessibility Audits
Employers constantly strive to improve the productivity of their employees.  With the ever-increasing prevalence of work related injuries leading to absenteeism, as well as the rising employment of people with disabilities, ergonomics and accessibility audits in the work place is the answer to the problem.
In a driving assessment, the assessor aims to examine how a medical condition, aging or disability impacts on a person’s ability to drive with a view to giving guidance on returning to (or starting) driving, if necessary using different techniques or adaptations.
Detailed assessments providing expert opinions regarding a person’s potential to work from a holistic point of view, as well as their ability to manage their usual household activities after an injury.

“We are a dedicated team of expert occupational therapists that strive to continue to grow in our field to ensure we deliver scientifically correct results. We work closely together with our doctors, insurers and companies to deliver timeous, excellent services to all our individual clients.”
– Takkie Pistorius, Founder & Managing Therapist

quality, care and efficiency
Areas of expertise
Adult rehabilitation, functional capacity evaluations,vocational assessment, rehabilitation and case management.
FunctionWise is a dedicated practice where quality, care and efficiency are our core values in order to ensure comprehensive client assessments and treatment, timeous service delivery and client specific recommendations and conclusions.

The practice was established in 2000 mainly focussing on adult rehabilitation, with a special interest in upper limb injuries and conditions. The rehabilitation services were expanded to include work conditioning as part of the return to work process.  We have experience in work conditioning and work hardening of clients with orthopaedic, neurological and medical conditions.

During the past 7 years the practice grew and expanded into the fields of functional capacity evaluations (FCE), pre-work screens (PWS), fitness to work assessments (FTW), vocational rehabilitation with the focus on return to work programmes (RTW) and case management of the RTW program.

Our entire team is WorkWell trained and two of our therapists are trained on the PFCE (Psychiatry Functional Capacity Evaluator).

The team is experienced in utilising cognitive, psychological and physical standardised tests and questionnaires. The use of standardised tests, a thorough interview and integration of collateral information leads to scientifically based conclusions and recommendations in context of the client’s job requirements.

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